It’s becoming like a Never ending process… …….when… ??? With Video

It’s becoming like a Never ending process… …….when… ??? With Video


It’s becoming like a Never ending process… …….when… ??? With Video

By Manisha Ghole Tamang
March 21,wednesday

Kathmandu ranked as the 7th worst polluted city among 290 cities in the world showed data In terms of pollution . Now air pollution is the major issue in Kathmandu valley and is continuously increasing year by year. Urbanization and increase in vehicles density are the major pollutants. Besides unplanned road expansion and digging of road for reconstruction are main reason now a days .


The  annual population growth rate in the valley is 4.7 percent and annual motorisation is 12 percent according to data .A few days one news headline Nagarik News stated that Kathmandu is now turning into Dustmandu and Maskmandu. On the one hand it is hard to walk along the roads in Kathmandu valley without being inhaled. High exposure in the air pollution may cause some throat,lung cancer, Asthma and respiratory problems. Not only health problems it may cause for the tourism industry and lower in human productivity.

In conclusion, Kathmandu has more vehicles that responsible for air pollution where exhaust fumes, smoke are the major ones. The government is responsible for welfare of human health. They need to eradicate by controlling to unplanned Urbanization and unmanaged motorisation. Government need to work in close coordination with one another to be saved from inappropriate budget. Imposing on heavy tax to every vehicles and controlling of license policy can be decreased of air pollution. If the draining pipes and laying of telephone wire has managed properly, air pollution would have been rather controlled.
Reference :The himalayan times


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